Born in New Orleans, Horton Humble is a self-taught American artist and a traveler.

Debris was the title of his debut show in 2007, a series of paintings on found wood from the Hurricane Katrina wreckage where he first starts to underline his unique and personal vision; ideas and emotions using intricate drawings and architectural shapes full of color and movement.

In 2008, Humble embarked on a one year journey through the African continent where he started his project Transit Urban; a collection of 12 local traditional fabrics used as canvas for his paintings depicting the energy of the land, people, culture and habits. All pieces were drafted on site like travel journals and since then have accompanied him on other travels from New Orleans to Dominica, European cities like Berlin and Lisbon, Portugal where he has concluded this series.

Enchanted by the old and mestizo city, Humble returns to Lisbon in 2012 and shortly after decides to extend his stay for almost 3 years. This period of time would become very important to his development as an artist; the introduction to ceramics and the modeling process of high and low relief has brought dimension and perspective into his paintings, progress that can easily be seen through the Lisbon Works series.

Currently he is working from his studio in New Orleans following the pattern brought back from the Lisbon series, Man Tree and Woman Fountain. The new pieces on large wood panels contain his impressions of a transformed Post Katrina city represented inside of human figure shapes.

Horton Humble is a founding member of LEVEL Collective and a 2015 nominee for the United States Artists Fellowship. His works are included in private collections and showcased in the Prizm Art Fair Miami, The Atlanta Contemporary Biennial 2016, Ohr-O`Keefe Museum of Art, The Luciano´s Benetton Imago Mundi Collection curated by Diego Cortez- P+, NOMA, “Instructions”: Prospect 2 Satellite, Antenna Gallery New Orleans, among others.

Get in Touch:  hortonhumble@gmail.com 

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Photos of Transit Urban by José Fernandes, onsite curator Rontherin Ratliff.